For any questions about products or orders, you should reach out directly to the responsible Maker. Each product listing includes a reference to the responsible Maker and a link to their shop page. Their email address is located in the “About” section of their shop, and you can initiate contact via Whatsapp using the “Message me on Whatsapp” button on their shop page.

Makers are expected to respond to your messages within 48 hours. If you haven’t received a reply within this timeframe, or if the issue persists unresolved, you can reach out to us via info@talesofthreads.eu

We will step in to assist in resolving the matter, which may involve automatically closing the case and issuing a refund, or providing further mediation to help both parties reach a resolution.

Please consider the following:

  • Cases can be opened for items that never arrived, were delivered beyond the estimated delivery period, arrived damaged, or didn’t match the listing.
  • You’re limited to one method of dispute resolution with a seller on Tales of Threads. If you’ve initiated a chargeback with your credit card issuer, opening a case is not an option. A Tales of Threads case will be closed if a chargeback is filed subsequently.
  • For purchases made via PayPal seeking a refund, Tales of Threads might advise reaching out to PayPal.
  • The window to file a case opens after the estimated delivery date of your order, extending 100 days from this point.